WORDPRESS: TOP 4 Best vulnerability scanners

Hello! Today we are back with an article about pentesting and computer security, this time we bring you the top 4 best wordpress vulnerability scanners online.

1. wpvulnb.com

In https://wpvulndb.com/ you can find the latest vulnerabilities discovered in wordpress, both in the core and in many plugins. You can see affected versions, scope of the vulnerability and in some cases links to the exploit to check if you are affected by the vulnerability.

2. wpscans.com

The online scanner https://wpscans.com/ performs a complete online scanner and generates a complete report on the security of the analyzed site. This report will help us a lot to improve the security of the analyzed wordpress.

3. hackertarget

The scanner https://hackertarget.com/wordpress-security-scan/ is the most complete online scanner we have found, allowing you to choose between several modes. You can run the scanner on several sites by specifying them in the text field provided. In the run mode it allows you to select between 5 different modes, each one focused on a type of “discovery” on the target. The report it generates is quite complete. It even indicates server parameters and also runs a scanner with nikto in some cases.

hackertargetAlthough https://hackertarget.com/extract-links/ is not an online vulnerability scanner. We include it in this article because it is very useful for extracting links from a web page.

4. wpscan

This is not an online scanner but it can be downloaded from https://github.com/wpscanteam/wpscan and it is the most complete and updated offline scanner. Thanks to this wonderful scanner you can get a report of all vulnerabilities with their scope in order to fix them. It is perfect if you do not want a third party to have access to the reports of the scanners made because in those made from webs. We do not control if this report is stored. If so, it should be warned in the scanner form because it would be storing data on the security of our website and infrastructure.


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