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Docker para Novatos (Spanish)

This book aims to teach basic concepts of docker as well as some tricks to become fluent with this application. The reader of this book acquires knowledge related to the creation and administration of containers, network images, volumes, etc.

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Trucos de virtualizacion con QEMU-KVM(Spanish)

Virtualisation tricks with qemu-kvm contains tips and tricks for deploying your virtual machines. For basic and advanced users. Learn how to use the tool that is the basis of Amazon and Google Cloud.

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Aprende Linux en 5 días(Spanish)

This book is intended to teach how to administer a Linux system to a person who has no knowledge of Unix/Linux. It is advisable to have computer skills to make it easier to carry out everything in the book, but it is not strictly necessary, as the book is intended as a step-by-step guide to teach you how to become a Linux system administrator.

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Administrar MySQL y MariaDB (Spanish)

This book aims to teach you how to install and configure MySQL/MariaDB correctly. In this book you will see from the installation process on various operating systems to how to restrict/allow users, through management tools to improve the configuration and correction of common problems.

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Como retener paquetes con apt-get en Debian y Ubuntu

How to hold packages with apt-get in Debian and Ubuntu

Hello! Upgrading packages, sometimes you may have problems if some packages are upgraded. You may want to prevent a certain package from being upgraded, but how to hold packages on[…]

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Como eliminar procesos zombie en Linux

How to kill zombie processes in Linux

Let’s see how to kill zombie processes in Linux. But before that we have to explain what these processes are. What is a zombie process? Sometimes we are faced with[…]

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Enrutamiento y balanceo básico HTTP con HAProxy

Basic HTTP Routing and Balancing with HAProxy

Hello again! Today we are going to talk about basic HTTP routing and balancing with HAProxy. What is HAProxy? HAProxy is a software that allows us to perform load balancing[…]

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Una guia genial para los no iniciados. Muy recomendable.

J. Juan

En LinkedIn sobre el libro «Aprende Linux en 5 días»

Buenisimo corto y conciso, ahota estoy desarrollando un programa, bastante pesado y por lo visto voy a tener que investigar cython, mil gracias!!!!!

J. M. Salamanquero

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Aprendeitcursos son excelentes toda la información y documentación que compartes, Muchas gracias.

E. Ramirez

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