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This book aims to teach basic concepts of docker as well as some tricks to be fluent with this application. The reader of this book acquires knowledge related to the creation and management of containers, network images, volumes, etc.

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This book is intended to introduce someone with no knowledge of containers to the world of containers with Kubernetes.

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This book is intended to teach how to administer a Linux system to a person who has no knowledge of Unix/Linux. It is convenient to have computer knowledge to make it easier to carry out everything that appears in the book but it is not strictly necessary as the book is created as a guide to teach you step by step until you reach a suitable level to become a Linux system administrator.

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This book aims to teach you how to install and configure MySQL/MariaDB correctly. In this book you will see from the installation process in various operating systems to how to restrict/allow users, through management tools to improve the configuration and correction of common problems.

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A great guide for the uninitiated. Highly recommended.

J. Juan

On LinkedIn about the book “Aprende Inglés en 5 dias”.


Good short and concise, now I’m developing a program, quite heavy and apparently I will have to investigate cython, thank you very much !!!!!

J. M. Salamanquero

About an article from our blog on Facebook


Aprendeitcursos are excellent all the information and documentation that you share, Thank you very much.

E. Ramirez

About our blog articles on Facebook