Change root password from GRUB

Hello again! In this article we will show you how to reset the root password. but in the article we bring you today we will see how to do it in a simpler way. We will see how to change root password from GRUB.

Cambiar password de root desde GRUB

Before describing the process I put the video where everything is explained:

The steps are simple, as follows

Edit grub entry

To edit the grub entry, the first thing to do is to reboot the system. When the list of kernels in GRUB appears, click on the kernel you want to edit and press on the one you want to edit and press the “e” key. After doing this we go to the kernel parameters line, at the beginning of the line will appear linux16, at the end of the line, you must add init=/bin/bash and press CTR+X

This will load the bash shell immediately instead of loading the init process. This avoids asking for login.

Inside the bash shell

After loading the shell, run su -, This way we will have loaded all the environment variables, etc. to work normally.

Then you must run mount -rw -o remount / to make the root filesystem R/W and not read-only.
then we can execute the command passwd to change the root password.

En el caso de que sea un sistema con SElinux habilitado, debe ejecutar touch /.autorelabel para actualizar las políticas de SElinux.
After doing this we can execute the command reboot -f. After executing the reboot it will take a little longer than usual because it has to update the SElinux policies and will generate two reboots. After this, you can access the system with the new root password.

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